Glasgow Clan


The Glasgow Clan will play in the first ever Warrior Invitational Pro Tournament in Kaufbeuren over the weekend of Saturday 31st August & Sunday 1st September.


Clan will be joined in the pre-season competition by RedBull Salzburg, Jokerit Helsinki and hosts ESV Kaufbeuren.


The Saturday will see the Clan face newly crowned ICEHL Champions RedBull Salzburg in the 1st semi-final (2:30pm face-off), with Jokerit playing ESVK in the 2nd semi-final (6:30pm face-off).


The Sunday will see the losers of the semi-finals play a bronze meal game (2:30pm face-off), with the winners of the semi-finals progressing to the tournament’s final (6:30pm face-off).


Tournament schedule:


Saturday 31st August: 2:30pm – Glasgow Clan vs RedBull Salzburg


Saturday 31st August: 6:30pm – Jokerit Helsinki vs ESV Kaufbeuren


Sunday 1st September: 2:30pm – Bronze Medal Game


Sunday 1st September: 6:30pm – Final